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We want a QR for several URLs on Facebase, including for the 6 movies found here:
QR codes are those things we see everywhere on ads that let mobile phone/camera users snap to take them to a URL. We want them for Facebase posters.
This ruby code creates png formatted images of the QR codes. It also dumps text which can be used to create an HTML/CSS version of the QR code:


That ruby doesn't actually dump HTML, only text with and 'x' character for dark and a "space" character for light. That text output can be used to create HTML/CSS that displays the QR code as an HTML table. This python program reads the output from the ruby program (the text output) and writes HTML/CSS to generate the QR code:

The ruby requires some modules that are probably not present. Install them with gem like this:

gem install rqrcode
gem install rqrcode_png

NOTICE that the URLs are hardcoded into the ruby.
NOTICE that the file qr.txt produced by the ruby is a hardcoded input filename in the python.
The whole thing was run like this:

ruby qrHTMLandPNGmaker.rb > rb.txt
python > qr_codes.html

After running the ruby program, six new 300x300 PNG-formatted images will be created in the current directory. The output HTML from the python can be dropped right into any HTML file and will display the QR codes.

Thomas Maher,
Oct 8, 2013, 10:26 AM
Thomas Maher,
Oct 8, 2013, 10:28 AM